Typical MS symptoms?

I haven’t been diagnosed yet as am waiting on my neurology appointment in August but my symptoms have been happening for over a year now.

Do my symptoms appear to be typical for MS or would it point to something else?

•Widespread numbness/tingling but much more pronounced in my right side especially face, hands, arms and feet.
•Muscle twitching throughout but pronounced in face and right eye - at times my eye tries to close itself.
•Back of right thigh has been “dead”/numb since August last year and feels heavy and can be painful to touch
•Migraines and headaches
•Pain in neck and shoulders
•Issues swallowing - I often choke on food or my own saliva!
•Bladder issues - overactive and stress incontinence
•Cramping and seizing up of hands and feet
•Difficulty with grip
•Always tired!

When I write everything down….there’s so much!! I’m just desperate for an answer as to why I feel like this every day! I also think I’m having a flare up at the moment as I’m having a tough few days!

Any advice/feedback on my symptoms would be greatly appreciated.


You’ll have to wait for your appointment with the neurologist to get a proper evaluation of your symptoms as they could be caused by many things, including MS. At least it is not much longer to wait for that, and you are in the system. It may take a while to get a diagnosis though, and most likely further tests before that, if it is not clear cut from the initial basic evaluation.

Hang on on there, and try to live life as normally as possible, to distract from the wait.

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