Scared it might be MS

I have been having symptoms for nearly three weeks came out of the blue. Began with tingling/numbness down the whole right side of my body from my face to my leg. This has since changed in the weeks it’s now mostly in my face and neck, occasionally my arm. Has also began in my left arm also not just my right. Also feeling of tightness in my neck and face like pressure. Tongue has also gone funny and lips numb and tingly. Throat also feels funny recently has felt a bit tight and difficult to swallow. Worrying and anxious do not know how much this is having an impact on how I’m feeling. Symptoms have been everyday since this began, not always throughout the day comes and goes. Is this MS? Have had a MRI privately on my head and cervical spine nothing appeared. Can nothing appear in the head and cervical spine but appear only in other areas of my spine?

Hi Jennyy

You could ask your GP specifically about medication to tackle the symptom(s). Also, you could ask for a referral to Speech & Language Therapy with regard to the difficulty swallowing - S&LT are the guys to tackle any issues to do with speech and swallowing (same muscles, mechanisms etc. involved).

Neurology may want to conduct evoked potential tests in addition to the MRI results - this helps to figure out of it is the central nervous system causing or the peripheral nervous system that is causing the symptoms.

It is possible to have symptoms with nothing showing up on MRI, the tiniest of movements can result in lesions being missed. A lumbar puncture will help determine if there are signs of inflammation in the cerebro-spinal fluid - that on its own is not sufficient to determine MS, although is might suggest it.

Your Neurologist will be able to discuss the findings and what they think it is. Hopefully it is a one off that will resolve over time.

Just wondering - Have you been to se your GP about your various symptoms? Could be MS but could be something quite different - best to get them checked out