Waiting a referral

Started four weeks ago with tingling in lips and a numb face in the right side and also drooling from side of mouth . Got sent to amu but everything was clear including mri and ct. however they agreed to send me to see a neurologist for which I’m still waiting - the problems however have got worse - fatigue - completely numb face or burning tIngling sensations

​the worst of all though is difficulty speaking I either can’t get words out or sound slurred and my mouth and lips feel huge

ive been unable to work as I’m a lecturer and they are now getting annoyed and feeling a bit in limbo

ive found out neurologist is a specialist in ms so they must think I’m showing signs of this

does it sound familiar to anyone

any advice gratefully received

Hi Tracey I’m still in limbo too… hope it’s not too long before you get an appointment. I have a neurologist and have 7 or 8 bits of nerve damage on mri of brain. Had lumbar 2 weeks ago testing for possible MS. I hope you get answers soon x

Hello Tracey

It doesn’t necessarily follow that because the neurologist is an MS specialist that you might have MS. Most neurologists have a specialty, so for example, sometimes people with MS end up seeing someone who’s primary interest is in Parkinson’s. So you were referred to an MS specialist maybe just because that’s who they’ve got working at the hospital, or because they want to rule MS in or out.

If when you went to the hospital they gave you an MRI and it was ‘clear’, that seems to indicate that there were no lesions which are typical of MS. However, it might be that the neurologist will want to do another MRI, perhaps with a contrast dye, which show up enhanced images.

Until you’ve seen the neurologist, and perhaps following more tests, you won’t know whether MS is suspected or not.

The biggest problem with MS of course is that there are many symptoms that appear in MS and in other disorders. So although the temptation is to compare your symptoms with those typical of MS, it doesn’t always follow that your symptoms fit. So, try not to worry.