Two Accidents in One Day

Hi All,

Just thought I’d share my day with you. First accident, I spilt hot coffee all down myself, so had to change slippers and support tights.

Whilst putting on clean, dry support tights, sitting on one chair and resting foot on another struggling to get tights on the chair slipped and I ended up on the floor on my back shouting ‘help’. Hubby came rushing in, he was on the phone at the time, son out in garden. Phone call ended abruptly and they both helped me up. My back really hurt and my left leg felt dreadful. Had a rest on settee and felt a wee bit better. Just taking it easy now. Hope I haven’t done any permanent damage.



The moral of the story? - Wear stockings instead!

I’m afraid I can’t, I have to wear support tights as my legs swell up every day without the support.



Now now Janet, your not supposed to do acrobatics this early, you know the pills dont get into your system for a few weeks

Did you swear, I have a few choice words when my day goes like that.

I hope there is no lasting damage, but one things for sure, youll not do that again - hopefully. I keep telling my son we are meant to learn through our mistakes - says she who is as clumbsy as the next mser.

Rest up for the rest of the day and pad well, if not already. I do so I bounce!



Hi Janet

I hate those kind of days and hope you are okay.

love & ((((Hugs))), Mary

Hi Janet

Hope you have recovered and now have a good day.


I tend to sit on the bed to put socks, trousers etc on (I don’t wear tights! I use support socks at the moment). I can usually reach my feet from there, but if I need to rest my foot on something I can fall onto my side on the bed and not hurt myself.

It’s sooooo frustrating isn’t it? I’m dizzy all of the time, but sometimes worse than other days. And my legs don’t like bending much sometimes… Who needs clean feet anyway? My diabetes nurse says I do, and I am supposed to inspect them every day for damage. I point them at a cat sometimes, but one ignores it and the other one wants to bite it ‘playfully’ lol

I hope you’re feeling much better now.

ellen - you made me laugh. cats are like that!

janet - i feel your pain (as a clumsy person)

take care

carole xxx

Thanks Bren, Mary & Pam, as the day has gone on I have felt better, so thank you.

Ellen I to usually sit on my bed and have a little stool to put them on. As it occured downstairs I didn’t have the energy to go back upstairs, in retrospect I should have then I wouldn’t have ended up on my back after slipping off the chair.

Thanks Carole, I guess it’s just one of those things. I know one thing I won’t be doing that again.

Thanks for all your replies.