Very distressing accident

Hi everyone, I went to London yesturday on the train with my hubby,mum and the kids to see Wicked as I promised them a show when my critical illness paid out. We were in the station to go home when I needed the loo all of a sudden. We raced to the nearest one to find a queue a mile long. I couldn’t hold and started to soil myself, I was panicking and crying and had no control to stop it. Mum pushed me to the front of the queue informing everyone I had ms. What else could she do?. I got in the cibicle and cleaned myself up as best I could minus my nickers! I am so tearful and embarrassed and can’t imagine what I looked like yesturday. Dawn x

Hello All - Tena pants and pads are stocked by most supermarkets. They can also be purchased online but the supermarket prices can be a good bit lower given all the competition.

I think if you look at their online site they may provide a couple of samples [certainly used to].


Oh so sorry to hear this!:frowning:

This has happened to me a few times, but luckily only in my own home or not luckily?

It is so distressing at the time, no how I feel when my kids have to clean it up, and me!

Can only say you get over it in time, and that I hope it never happens again x

Oh Dawn, really sorry this has happened…must have been awful for you. I’ve had the embarassment of urinary incontinence…which is easier to hide but luckily not bowel…not outdoors anyway. Do your best to put it behind you after all your mum’s been there and warn the t-shirt even if you are a wee bit older…sorry just trying to makeyou smile. Those people at the station are strangers who you won’t see again so forget about them. What about the show Dawn, did you all enjoy it?? Onwards and upwards yes?? I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed now it never happens to me.

Oh Dawn,

What an awful way to end a lovely treat. sending you a hug (( )). Hope you’re feeling a bit better today and remembering the good bits of the evening.

If you don’t have one get yourself a RADAR key - they give you access to all the disabled toilets in the country in public places and I’ve noticed some restaurants too. Google RADAR key - they’re sold by a charity about £4 including p & p. Don’t go to ebay -someone is making money when the charity should be getting it. (rant over, sorry).

Keep well, Jen x

Hi Dawn

I also suffer the same problem so don’t think you are incontinence nurse also gave me a card which you can show to people that says you have a illness and that you have to use the toilet quickly.At the beginning I was in a bit of denial and did not use disabled toilets but that is what they are there for to use.I also carry a change of clothes which my ms nurse suggested.I have found out that it only happens to me when I am anxious. I hope this helps.

Anne x

Thanks everyone for your support. I just was so shocked and embarrassed. I will do that Jen. I never thought about a radar key. Xxx

Oh Dawn, I do feel for you. it is so upsetting when anything like this happens.

Not wanting to hijack your post, but in an effort of sisterly togetherness, i thought i`d tell you that something similar happened to me a few years ago.

I went out for a meal and a film with daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren. After the film and before the meal, i used a disabled loo. (I was a wheelchair user then)…as I got onto the loo, I noticed a large stool was in my knickers. I was horrified. It hadnt been there long, as it wasnt squashed…sorry about the description, but I just want to make it more understandable…

I luckily had a spare pair of nix and leggings, plus wipes, in my bag. I always have spare clothes with me. but I needed help to get cleaned up and changed, so I called my daughter in. As I stuck my head out of the door, my son-in-law looked in and asked what was wrong.

Daughter came in and helped out. i felt so embarrassed and said I felt I ought to go home.

She said that wasnt gonna happen. Plus I was cleaned up and no-one knew, but me and her, what had occurred. i threw my soiled clothes away and enjoyed the meal.

So dawn, perhaps a call to a continence nurse will help and do take a change of clothing when you go out, eh?

It`s a chuff, I know, but we just gotta deal with whatever, eh?

much luv Pollxx

Hi Dawn,

The same thing has happened to me three times in the last couple of months. Two were at home so not so catastrphic but the last time I was with my best friend at a spa. The shame was awful, it was so far beyond a spare pair of knickers! I did the best I could and we left. The best advice is talk to a continence advisor. I know I go from bunged up to no control. It’s about trying to balance the system into not having extremes. I know fresh and coffee with caffine makes me ‘go’ I have liquorice to help me stay regular. I don’t go anywhere without my radar key! There is an ms support app by Rebif ‘my support’ that has a clever bit that will show you where the nearest loos are.

I’ts not easy. I’ve learnt that the best way to cope is just get on with it.

Take care,

Sara x

Thanks Poll and Sara. I shall indeed always carry spare knickers and wipes from now on and shall be getting myself a radar key. I am just hoping this is a one off for the meantime at least :frowning: Dawn x

Yeh, I hope it was a one off for you too hun.luv Polx

As you have read, Dawn, it is not unusual. The worst incident I had also occurred in central London where I had gone for a special occasion.

I was fortunate in having Tena pants on, even so it was horrific. I had to do my best to clean up in a tiny toilet cubicle in a pub with my wonderful sister in law outside begging me to let her help - how could I?

If I am going out I always wear Tena pants (not pads) because they do ‘contain’ the worst of any accidents and they can be removed quickly by ripping them down the sides (many brands do not and end up causing more mess).

You will learn how best to manage your bowel/bladder issues but it is a horrible part of this condition.

I apologise for my anonymity. Normally I have no problems sharing on here but this time it is TMI.

Dawn, You are amongst friends on here who have had lots of mishaps like this. And survived!! - So always carry a change of nixs/wipes/latexgloves/ spare plastic bags- leggings are good too - and l like the tip about wearing tena pants. Now that is something l will follow for when l do go out anywhere.

I forgot about the babywipe…totally awesome…and the bags for mucky nappies are perfumed so you don’t leave the place smelling like a sewage outlet.

This may sound like I’m employed by Tena…I wish…just lots of practice/accidents. Their normal (4 ! ) pants will hold two bladdersful of wee without leaking at the legs…and they now make them in a style that means they don’t look like granny pants.

Could I ask where you get Tena pants from? I could only find pads at a chemist

Radar key has been ordered from The Blue Badge Company x