Twitchy legs and trickling sensations

So although not diagnosed, but under investigation (many symptoms for almost 3 months now) I am taking pregabalin to try and ease the pain in my legs, feet and lower arms/wrists and hands. Doesn’t seem to be working. Still have a lot of pain in feet and legs and so many twitches in both legs, sometimes ask people to watch them, looks like something out of alien :alien: ha ha. Anyway over the last few days had like a trickling feeling in my legs, like I’ve spilt something down my leg but nothing there?

Just wondering if anyone has had the same feelings in legs???

Yes I’ve got that it the moment. Also often feels like my phone is vibrating in my pocket when it’s not there.

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Yes, I get this too. Thought I’d wet myself the other day until I realised it was just one of my weird sensations. I’ve not reached the wetting myself point yet, and hopefully I won’t, but I was worried for a moment!

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I get them, too. Not sure if you should mix it with the drugs you’re already on, but have you tried one of the hot/cold ointments on your legs? When mine get bad, that’s what I use. The effect doesn’t last long and doesn’t do much for me when I’m awake, but it does help me fall asleep.

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Well the doctors did increase my pregabalin to 100 mg x3 times a day and this has helped so much, still get the twitches in my legs but not had that trickling sensation for days. Good news is my head MRI was done last week and finally a letter from the neurologist to book an appointment.
Just can’t believe the difference since taking these meds, burning feet at night and cramped hands in the morning is the only real pain atm, back to work Thursday after 12 weeks off and so looking forward to something to take my mind of all this :blush: