Switched to Pregabalin

Hi all, I am undiagnosed and have not been given an MRI as my symptoms don’t stay for long enough i.e weeks or months. They come and go in the same places, though my 15 minutes with a neuro ruled out anything"serious"! I don’t have balance problems or eye p.roblems apart from floaters. My main symptoms are shooting pains in head and in body, tingling hands, feet and face, joint pain particularly hips and shoulders, back ache, some pelvis numbness, tight calves and sore heels. Doctor treating symptoms regardless and put me on Gabapentin which didn’t help. As my symptoms have got worse, he has now put me on Pregabalin and ordered more blood tests. Wondered what peoples experience with Pregabalin was generally and whether it helped with pain and spasticity. The tingles I can live with, the hip pain and muscle tightness is getting me down. Many thanks, Peanutgirl x

Hi, I was put on pregabalin last september, to try to rid me of terribly sore heels, when in bed and tightness during the day.

District nurses have been treating me for pressure pain in the heels. They have run out of ideas and said it is possibly nerve pain.

So I asked my neuro about it and thats howcome Im on the med.

But it did nothing and I had got up to 225mg day. I had reduced it down to 150mg a day, as it has stopped another mysterious pain in my tum.

I saw the neuro again last week and we talked about pregabalin. She said she wants me to stay on it and to reach 400mg a day in 2 doses of 200mg.

I am willing to try this.

I did ask about gabapentin and was told it has some unpeasant side effects and my neuro does not want to put me on it.

It`s a case of watch this space, I guess, eh?


Thanks Poll, that’s interesting - how odd is the heel thing!? Really wierd… I am on 75mg a day Pregabalin and was on 300 Gabapentin. I’ve read that Pregabalin is the better drug, but expensive compared to Gab. I felt quite sad on Gab but early days with this one, so no side effects or relief of symptoms as yet. I hope it helps you, let me know how you get on. Watch this space and wait and see should be mantras on this page, lol. I’m only at the beginning of this and very frustrated already! Take Care, PG x

After a visit to a consultant last week, I was told that Pregablin is very effective for muscle and nerve pain. I was on it before but at a low dose 100mg, she said that dose wouldn’t do much and could safely increase it. I can’t remember what to, so I won’t guess. I have been on Gapabetin but it didn’t suit me either I put on a lot of weight and it made me depressed. You do have to remember sometimes it is a case of trying different drugs as what might suit one person may not suit another. I would give it a go. Let me know how you get on. Lou x

I think this one is starting to work. First day in months that calves haven’t hurt - yay! Do feel slightly drunk on these, especially in the mornings, but fine otherwise. Tingles have reduced a little too. So I guess that means there is a neuro problem somewhere. I will update as time goes on. As I haven’t had an MRI, not sure what the plan is, I would imagine doc will keep me on these and just see what happens. Thanks for your help. PG