Hi guys

My MS nurse is wanting to start me on Pregabaline and Amatriptyline and take me off Gabapentine.

I was just wondering is anyone else taking either of these tablets. And how are you finding them, bit scared about starting new tables.

Gabapentine doesn’t seem to working as pain is not going away and new pain it coming and they are not helping with that either

Clare x

Amitriptyline really helped me, although they have taken me of it temporarily due to other weird stuff going on with me.

Took the edge off the nerve pain when codeine etc didn’t help, didn’t have to go to the loo 8 times a night and I got some fairly decent sleep. Hoping I can have it again.

Not had pregabaline or gabapentin, sorry.


I’ve not tried gabapentin but I’ve had the other two. Amitriptyline gave me terrible ulcers so I had to come off it. Pregabalin has been brilliant (still on it), but it took a good 3-4 weeks to get over side effects. My nurse persuaded me to persevere - I’m glad I did! Pregabalin has a similar action to gabapentin so it’s possible that amitriptyline will work better for you, but I do know of people who find gabapentin/pregabalin works well when the other one doesn’t. Karen x

I’m on amitriptyline ( 30 mg) and have been put on pregabalin as from tmw. My neuro just said it might help and let him know in about 3 weeks :slight_smile: Hope it doesn’t have to many side effects Sam x

How much of the pregabalin are you now in Claire ? Just got mine today I’m on 150 mg a day . Sam x

hi clare

i’m on both…600mg prgabalin and anything up to 70mg amitriptyline…to me it’s been the best combination of meds so far…no side effects for me

take care


hi, i m new to this forum . got my dx this year in march for rrms just wanted to say hello to all of u. TC bye

Ive been told today that I can increase my pregabalin dose to 1200mg per day. Im currently taking 600mg along with 30mg Baclofen which Ive also been told to increase to 90mg. Ive got Secondary Progressive MS.

Now then, Im not too sure about this. I would like to increase both along with the advice from my Consultant, and I can even see the advantages, but I cant find anybody else who takes the drug at this level.

Does anybody else by chance??


I thought that the maximum dose of pregabalin was 600mg a day. Are you sure that whoever told you that knew what they were talking about? And that, if they knew what they were talking about, they weren’t thinking about the wrong drug (e.g. max dose for gabapentin, which is very similar to pregabalin, is 3600mg a day)? If I were you, and even if I was confident that they were knowledgeable and correct, I’d still check it out with a different medic before upping my dose. At the very least, I would be confirming that you got it right with whoever told you to take 1200mg a day: “I thought that the maximum dose of pregabalin was 600mg a day. Are you sure that it’s safe for me to be taking double that dose?”

90mg of baclofen is a very high dose too (and a whopping increase from 30mg a day!). Most people would find that that kind of dose would make them weak and therefore more likely to fall etc. I do know people who take very high doses, so it may be completely appropriate for you, but I would think it’s sensible to be cautious and increase the dose very slowly so you can get the balance between controlling your spasms / spasticity and any weakness or other effects that the baclofen causes.

Please be careful.

Karen x

Yes I was told the maximum dode was 600 mg as well , which is what I’m currently on sam x

I have been on gabapentin for a while along with amatriptaline. I have just had it changed to pregablin though doctor can’t find letter but thats another story. I have found no relief at all with gabapentin, but hopeful pregablin will not have any bad side effects. I was fortunate not to habhave any with th others. Just hope something will work!

Hi there,

I understand too the maximum does of Pregablin is 600mg per day, my OT is currently on 800mg per day…and this causes queries from the chemists alot if we go to a new one. Boots even refused to issue it once.

Two MS consultants have confirmed 800mg is OK but I would be very wary of a 1200mg - double the maximum dose!