Hi its saturday morning at 7.27 and the twitching and the spasms have started.Ive done my exercises, no joy,and im like flipper without the water. Time to get up.I was hoping to have a nice lie in, no chance.The cats are headbutting me for there food.Im up now,they are happy, I red bull and a fag,later twitching stops,great.Im going to have to take meds now for spasms.I want to be able to live without pain,love to dance all night,fat chance,ill be sitting down at the party with a whiskey or two.

Thanks for listening,started to feel bit better getting it of my chest.

kim x

Hello Kim,

Sorry to hear you are having a rough time at the moment, have you told your ms nurse, she may be able to help you, worth a try.



janet i havent got one,so i will speak to my doc when i see her, thanks for replying x