I was just wondering if anyone had found that different sounds made their twitches worse. I have just been to my sons gala concert. While watching the guitar groups performance my shoulder went beserk. The string orchestras were ok. The brass band was a nightmare. The pulse that they were playing set my shoulder and my hands off. It seemed to be the abruptness of the notes that was doing it. Just curious or whether it’s just me :slight_smile:

Sharon xx

How peculiar! No this hasn’t happened to me but it sounds fascinating. The only thing I’ve had with sounds is if a hear a sudden loud noise that would ordinarily make me jump a bit all the blood rushes from my head and I feel like I’m dropping in a lift! I’m interested to see if anyone else has had your experience!

Very peculiar. It was as if the vibrations were hitting the nerves. Really disconcerting. When the hands were going it was almost as if i was joining in conducting!


Hi - I had another MRI last week and found that a certain pitch of the scanner made my back twitch also the hair dryer does it! I thought it was just me! It is a weird one! Hope you’re staying well. Polly x

Nope not had that although did have bad leg twitch on the plane it was bouncing everywhere x

My twitching was so much more noticeable on lyrica, my children sit and giggle at my tummy because it looks like a baby kicking in my tummy , lol x

That sounds a very strange twitch. It must be really weird watching knowing there is no baby in there. My youngest just copies my twitchy hand which is hailarious when watching her eat!