Twitching when lying down

Hi Since I started getting leg and ankle spasms I am getting twitching muscles. Either when staying tense in one position like when at podiatrists or when first lying down at night. I rarely have restless leg but I know it’s different for a start it’s not when I’m sleeping also it’s shoulders and arms as well as legs. Can someone explain why please.

Sorry i cant explain why but just to say that it happens to me all the time and its like i get a little electric shock sort of feeling in my hip or thigh and then leg will twitch usually at a unhelpful time . Just another joy to cope with.

Take care . Katy .

I have this and it keeps me awake at night. I’ve been on a low dose of clonazepam for it for years and it works like a dream. I take clonazepam just before bed because it’s also a sleeping pill (and, at higher doses, an anti-epilepsy drug). It does increase your risk of getting alzheimer’s if you take it long term. But so does lack of sleep.

Thanks Kathy, it does bob around my body, no pattern at all, left leg, right arm, left shoulder, right shoulder right hand blah blah blah. Joy. When I’m in company and it starts it’s really embarrassing…yeah another joy

Alzheimer’s …ah well another one to add to the list of illnesses. Glad I’m not alone !

Oh I never thought of CBT and mindfulness. I work in mental health and know the theory behind it. I will try it. Thanks