hi everyone i have been geting twiches all of my body and have aching right leg which its getting worse left leg aches but not as bad been for emg test last week had needles in my body included my chin has anyone else had in chin before thanks lots hugs

Hi Yvonne, I also have had phases where I get LOTS of muscle twitching. Im not sure if I have had any in the chin before but in many different body parts. I am not diagnosed so i have no idea if my twitches have anything to do with other things I experience or not. I had an EMG which was normal last April. What was the result of your EMG? Are you already diagnosed or searching for answers?

Best wishes, Caro

Hi Yvonne,

I’ve also had phases of twitches, including one in my derriere which i actually find amusing

Like caro i’m undiagnosed so i’m not sure if its all linked, but i find if i rub the offending muscle i can often get it to calm down a bit.


Hi Yvonne, i just saw you answered in my other post. Do you twitch everywhere or just in specific muscles and do you find they twitch more or less in any particular circumstances? I had an EMG but of course at that moment wasnt twitching. Im not sure if you have to be twitching in the actual moment they do the emg for them to be able to diagnose something…?


I get twitches too. Intermittently in different body parts (butt, arms, legs, stomach etc). When I get them I get a few and then I could go weeks without anything noticeable. I’ve also had an episode of my thumb jerking for 1-2 hours as well which was quiet scary but thankfully only the once.

It’s disconcerting more than anything. My EMG’s were done in November (I didn’t have any twitches or jerks at the time - I’ve noticed them from around march).


hi blogas it nice to hear from you all at least im not alone while im waiting for dx

big hugs

Hi Yvonne,

I have these. May sound a bit odd but when I start getting symptoms I take cinnamon, half-a-tspn daily in hot water. Seems to work for me. Very anecdotal but as I am not getting any medication as yet, I try anything that has been recommended. I also take B12 (100 mcg) this seems to help aswell.

Hope this helps,


Hi Yvonne

I also get the twitches… mainly in my arms and legs but I get it my feet and hands too. Im not diagnosed. Horrible isnt it.

I just wish I knew what was going on with my body :frowning:

Paula xx

hi paula

i no how you feel it is horrible wish i new whats wrong with me its a pain waiting hopefully we get there take care

hugs yvonne x

hi adrian

i take to much medication to try cinnamon may not work for me hope your ok thanks tho

hugs love yvonne x

hi all! iv noticed twitching too more so the last 6 months. I had a gp check up today as i have to go every 2 weeks now while im waiting for lumbar pucture and full diagnosis. I can get it in the legs back neck shoulders and arms. worse when sat down and defo of a night night time, doc says its all part of the transition but i do wonder what comes out of his mouth… seem to be finding it hard to get to my neuro consultant atm. hope ou get somewhere xxx

Hi again Yvonne

I havent stopped twitching today - it’s really annoying now. If anyone knows how to stop it please can they let us know!!

My legs twitch, my arms, fingers, abdomen and neck… think the only thing not twitching is my head and face really.


i get twitches in my right foot and left hand mainly, makes me wonder why they won’t co-ordinate and be on the same side! it makes them ache after, the only thing i have found that eases it, is to relax as much as possible, hope this is of some help!