TV Adverts

TV viewing these days is dire. Seriously.

There was even a time when the adverts in the commercial breaks provided more entertainment than the actual program. Not any more. Have you noticed how many adverts, geared towards an adult audience, are animation? In cartoon formation? A bit like the Simpsons, Family Guy, Beavis and Butt Head…cartoons for adults?

I sometime wonder at the mentality behind the making of these adverts. The washing up liquid advert. Mr Messgone? A baby on a motorbike? Grrrrrrrrrr Do a group of grown men and women sit around a table in a Board Room, brain storming? Does it go to vote? Do they agree in unison, “That’s it! Wonderful! Brilliant!”. Sometimes the connection, the relevance, is beyond me.

One particular advert at the moment that really, really makes me want to kick our modest 32" flat screen, non Smart television set off it’s stand is one for a certain dishwasher tablet. The beautiful song, This Little Light of Mine is sung by a range of voices, (of varying ability). Now, (apart from the fact that this was sung acappella style at my infant grandson’s funeral years ago), I find it almost a sacrilege that such a beautiful, meaningful song, is strangled and used in such a crass manner. Who decided that this was a good idea and would increase sales??? Alan Sugar. …“YOU, are fired!”

On the other hand, my absolute favourite advert currently, is for a brand of chocolate. Where a little girl “buys” a bar of chocolate for her Mum, as it’s her birthday. She hands over all her precious treasures from her pocket to the lovely, kindly shopkeeper. Even, reluctantly, her toy unicorn! He exchanges the chocolate for this “payment” and sums up the situation. He calls her back, and smiling, gives her back her “change”…her unicorn!

Now that advert melts my heart and would persuade me to buy a bar…

So, want to share yours? Adverts that is, not the chocolate.

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Oh dear I cant i dont watch a T.V. i dont own one. I know sad or what. I just found that the quality of stuff on now is dire and like you said the adverts are just as dire, so i watch amazon or netflix and on my rather modest laptop. No adverts super upber bliss lol. but the chocolate advert does sound rather sweet…no pun intended.

I , like that silent one, something to do with cars? and the horse in a dress ,followed by a tin man,just love the poncho a tabard bit,not something you see on the road to Aylesbury. lol

2015, Sky promo for the Ashes, ‘we didn’t start the fire’…and one , American one for Geico with Maxwell the pig (on youtube if you want a look) can’t do links on this tablet!..think that’s it.

The series of Maltesers adverts with disabled actors. Just funny and entertaining, poking a bit of gentle fun at the disabled, but more tellingly, the able bodied.


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Ah well in our house during the ads, theres thid thing called the MUTE button. I have to confess some ads are just totally OTT.

Cats with opposable thumbs anyone? They continue to pair hot women with new cars tho don’t they.

OMG, that bloody Lorraine Kelly on the Wayfair advert pretending to do exercises in the bedroom then starts bloody dancing at the bottom of the stairs.

What does she look like

I just cringe when this advert comes on.

Someone filming it should of pushed her down the bloody stairs.

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You got me going now !!!

That stupid bloke on the Flash Ultra advert with the dog nodding, then he (bloke) breaks into song.

I know where I’d like to shove his Flash Ultra !!!

Surely his family must of told him he looks like a right dick head !

Ad’s like these actually put me off buying the product.

BARRY SCOTT! The shouty advert for the cleaning spray. Like you, this advert puts me off buying the product. Mo Farah on some insurance advert. How embarrassing. Is his pension fund really that needy?


I’m the same as reddivine - I mute the ads, so haven’t much of a clue about current ads/ Regarding the plethora of animated ads these days, I assume it’s just because it’s cheaper. For an ad with people, you need to find the actors, sort out studio sets or outside locations, get a film crew, rehearse… All of which costs a lot of money. Or you can just pay a couple people using some computer software.

And for Mo Farah’s pension pot, wouldn’t you if you were in his shoes? His running career will be over soon, so why not cash in when you can? You can earn masses for doing ads. I guy I went to school with was one of the original 118 men, and got paid loads.


Do something about it.

Record the programme and watch it a little later and skip through the adverts. Doing this will give you more time to do other things.

Commercial breaks seem to be even longer than a year ago.

I do just that and realised some channels ad breaks really are much longer! However occasionally as I’m zoomomg thru I am intrigued and do UNmute. Occasionally you admire the cinematography and artwork and then…WTF did that have to do with mobile phones???

As soon as the adverts come on the tv. I mute all the adverts lol! Unless a rare chance a advert comes on that I like. I’m sure it annoys my partner up lol! But he let’se get in with it x

I live in bless, no adverts, no stress, no rubbish to watch on T.V. You should try it turn the music on, or watch something great on netflix or amazon, like Outlander and no ads lol and oh yeh no T.V. licence lol. I dont have a telly at all shock horror. dont miss it either. Looking back my husband spent over 100.00 a month on t.v. with sports, bt sports you name it, 2 t.v.s on all day. Its bliss quiet, and my electricity has drastically dropped. When i look back i worked out how long a programme was in actuality, about 40 minutes for an hour one if not less. A lot you can watch now on other mediums with no adverts.

I think i went off it all when i was watching BGT and it was adverts nearly after every act.

Nope no adverts for me.

BUT the one advert sticks with me i love is

Before i got rid of my T.V. I often thought some of the adverts are like WHAT the hell are they selling lol, they made no sense to the product.

All very interesting. My sister mentioned Netflix in the past. Now, I’m clueless. Does this need a modern smart tv? I don’t think I want to watch something on my tablet or laptop…

Yes, but you can get an amazon firestick.

Stick into a TV’s HDMI port, connect to Wi-Fi and continue watching.

I have large screen laptops so they are fine for me. I need them close up lol.

So much stuff to watch on Neflix and amazon you would never get bored lol.

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As well as the Amazon Fire stick, you can also get a Chromecast, which is Google’s version, which also plugs into the HDMI port on your telly. You log into Netflix on your computer/laptop/phone, This then sends the picture to your telly. You can also use it for things like iplayer and Youtube.



Great info people. Thank you. I’ll check it out.