I’ve just been offered a list of contractors to build AND CHARGE FOR a ramp to go outside. No grant again. I’m trapped.

That’s terrible.Could you contact your MP and/or the local press? Sorry I can’t think of anything else,never been in that postion myself. But it is nice to see a familier name on here so just wanted to say Hi too.xxjo

Hi, did you ask for an assessment from an OT for this? Were you means tested and refused any financial help? Try asking the local MSS foir a grant. I had one for my wet floor. Do outside ramps come under a DFG? luv Pollx

yes outside ramps come under DFG. I have 2 outside ramps, provided by DFG, although strictly speaking, they are only obliged to provide access to ONE entrance. Somethings wrong here if they are denying access to an entrance, they have to due to fire/safety regulations. I would certainly appeal or get further advice on this