Trying to get to the bottom of my symptoms

I would say I started experiencing symptoms in the way of mild infrequent nerve pain along with fatigue 10 years ago. I’ve slowly picked up new symptoms and had worsening of old symptoms over that time with the last year being the worst. I have not been able to get a doctor to take me seriously (male or female) during this time I think me cause I’m young and female. I truly suspect they think I’m exaggerating things or being a hypochondriac.

I’ve been repeatedly told that there is absolutely nothing wrong with me and that I’ll be fine because I’m young, that all the symptoms I’m experiencing is my lifestyle because I work at home and am slightly less social than average. I feel like I’m going mad. My mum has MS (as well as a couple other people in my family) and I just feel like surely my extreme nerve pains, altered sensations, stomach pains and nausea, crazy fatigue, weakness, muscle stiffness etc is more than just… nothing?

Did anyone else get fobbed off in a similar way when trying to address their symptoms?

Have you had any tests or been investigated for anything?

I had about 7 blood tests last year and was investigated for GI issues (which they also didn’t really care about). Blood found slightly low vit D which I supplement for anyway and GI investigations found absolutely nothing. My GP refuses to refer me for any other tests as she believes there is nothing wrong with me whatsoever because my blood tests are normal.