trouble bending over

Hi guys - hope everyone is well in lockdown - my MS is RRMS, still on my feet, but for a long time i struggle to bend down to pick anything up, when i often drop stuff, my back is very stiff and quite sore, i nearly have to go down on one knee - maybe it’s because I’m 51 now but I am doing quite well and have the usual aches & pains plus limitations with my MS and I guess this is one of the draw backs of this illness. Just wanting your views on this please or experiences.



Hi Stephen,

Maybe worth speaking to a physio who could give you exercises to do.

Doesn’t sound MS related unless muscle spasms but you never know


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Thanks Jen

Could this be due to lockdown? I’m not moving about and exercising as I normally would so consequently I have noticed I’m stiffening up. Most of my general symptoms seem worse, I’m not sure if this is because they are or because I’m simply noticing them and focusing on them more as I’m sat about more that I’m normally would.

Stay safe

Jan x

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Get a grabber. You can order online. I can’t kneel at all and would not be able to get up, so anything going on the floor ranges from bloody difficult, o god my back/knees to totally impossible…

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Thanks guys - this has been ongoing since before lock down & the grabbers are brilliant - I have one

Hi Redman, I have SPMS, have done for over 13yrs, I get this a lot now, I’ve seen a neuro physio and it’s down to my back going into spasm, it’s very painful and the level of pain comes and goes, I get it from my neck down, I do take Baclofen, with is for stiffness and spasm, but now it doesn’t touch it, I sympathise with you, it’s very painful, take care, x

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Thanks Greenhouse - certainly annoying & painful