MS Pain

I had a visit today from my physio after my MS Nurse requested a follow up. Back pain & spasms have always been a problem and although it’s fairly well controlled with medication. I can only walk a few feet before the pain & spasms kick in and I’m not able to walk any further or if I do I end up in a heap on the floor and I feel shattered. My physio said that although the mechanics of my walking is still quite good albeit stiffly & very slow she has advised exercises for the stiffness and that I should be using my wheelchair a lot more indoors than what I do. I’m very loathe to do this as I feel I’m giving in but what she says does make sense as when I don’t walk I still get back spasms at times but not constantly like when I’m walking.

When I asked her if the disabling pain is a common symptom with SPMS she said that a few of her patients mention some pain but not to the extent that I get it. Does anyone else have this or am I just being a whimp!!!

Hello there,I can’t really comment on the pain you’re currently experiencing,'cos I haven’t enjoyed that and can’t walk.As for being a wimp…cobblers…You’re still doing the things that cause the pain because you want to.

As for giving in by using the wheelie you’ve got that esra about face.By overcoming your apprehensions you’re hitting the problem head on and that is ALWAYS the thing to do BRAVO. The Fizzio is right in talking about exercises,but you have to prioritise how you use the limited energy you have.The me me me in this tripe is that I can weight bear for a minute tops when I’ve got a good grip on something solid before the legs fold very untidily and getting up is a real problem.I can’t use the modified wheelchair I made anymore,so use my own powerchair indoors and £7,000 of Motability ‘Veyron,’ powerchair on the road.If you want to talk powerchairs send me a S.A.E. and I’ll bore you senseless.

Adapting and modifying yourself,equipment and environment is the way ahead for us.Don’t do this and you will end up in deep doo doo.Sounds like your Fizzio is a realistic one who has looked at the big picture of your situation.Remember that they are the ‘experts’, but you are the user.

Be lucky,

Wb x <(L)>