Trip to Jordan

Thinking of going to Jordan in the summer, somewhere I have visited before. I want my two boys to have the experience and am thinking that if I dont do it now, I might not be able to take them later if my health continues to get worse. Always done these things on the cheap out of necessity, expending a lot of legwork and sweat and roughing it somewhat. Right now my main health issues are that I have a leg that has lost strength and shakes under load and occasionally drops or makes me stumble and lousy bladder control and occasional bowel weakness and somewhat diminished clarity of vision.By the way I am not diagnosed, except for diabetes 2, gout, blood pressure and I have had eye surgery in the last year on both eyes. I’m thinking that I can still manage as long as nothing else major occurs but I’m wondering if I can get travel insurance for any reasonable price and also what do I tell them if I havent been diagnosed with anything specific in relation to some symptoms? Do I even need to mention the incontinence seen as you cant die from it? Also planning to go with Easy Jet as they are so much cheaper, but then I think they are really strict about baggage allowance, I think it is one piece per adult. Trouble is just the pads I would need for two weeks (2 packs) would take up most of my rucksack and significantly eat into the weight allowance. Does anyone know how easy it is to get supplies when you are there?

Sorry cant answer your questions except to say Jordan is fabulous. Petra is truly one of the worlds wonders absolutely stunning. The only thing is there is a bit of walking involved. If you can also see Petra by night - a bit touristy but stunning. It can also be very hot totally wiped me one day. Although not experienced with travel insurance I would suggest total honesty as if you need to claim they could catch you out Hope you have a great trip. Min xx

Hi, I can’t comment on Jordan as I’ve never been. Isn’t there any way you could check ahead about getting pads in Jordan.? Travel insurance may be a problem. I don’t know if things have changed but quite a few years ago I had to take the risk and go on holiday without insurance. This was due to not having a diagnosis for a neuro disorder. I tried many companies but just couldn’t get insured. Another time I contacted the MS insurance company. I was told as I was being investigated for MS but still in limbo I would be covered. The service was brilliant. I don’t know if this still stands though. I hope things work out for you and you can have a wonderful time with your family. Jacqui x

Thanks, I think I’ll try that MS insurance company out. Cant find any info out about pads in Jordan - seems to be a bit of a black hole on the Internet.

Thanks Rebecca I have emailed Easy Jet about that. Cant do the advance mail to a hotel though as we might not stay in anything as grand as a hotel. I’m a bit old for this now, but we usually stay in hostels and similar low budget places and make it up as we go along!

Thanks Jeff, that’s really kind.