Trionic veloped walker

Hello all , has anyone got a trionic veloped ? I am very interested in finding out more about them . I want to go on off-road walks eg beaches and glens this walker may be the answer ???

No experience of the Trionic Veloped Walker, but do have a Torpo Troja and very satisfied with the build quality. They also make a model suitable for rougher ground and worth a look if you are interested in alternatives.

Never heard of the TFW. I have invested in a Trekinetic GTE

They ain’t cheap!! But we recently went on the beach in Madeira…

I’d head to a mobility show or big retailers and see the options for off roading…there are scooters and various - you need to see what suits/helps you.

Hi sorry for my late response . Thankyou for replying , I will have to investigate further . Life and time are precious and I want to make the most of the here and now .

At least that is one thing that we can give thanks to this darned disease for xx