Anyone tried a Veloped to help with walking?

lt was last year l saw one of these Velopeds featured in the New Pathways mag. lt looks a robust piece of kit for outdoors.

Rather pricey - the best price l have seen is £575. l would like to try before l ever considered buying. l actually saved the magazine with the article in - but have not seen anyone with one. l do have a Topro Olympus Rollator - which is now my best friend - especially around the house. The Veloped is similar in that it too has a seat and a large carrier - but is designed for rugged outdoor use. l might look on youtube - see if there is a video of someone using one.

l am desperate to keep mobile - but can’t walk far unaided. The lady in the article said she has got much fitter since using hers - and she takes her dogs out with it. lt is so important to keep going - and keep safe - walking sticks and crutches are not for me - l need a rollator to keep me in a good upright position. And of course the seat is there to help when you need it.

Someone on the PPMS forum has something like that. His title was “Walking the dogs again”.

Moyna xxx

l did google youtube veloped - and saw several vids. Looks good - but l would like to try one - see if l could manage with it.

The vids do not show someone who looks as if walking is a problem.