Trigeminal neuralgia treatment

About 8 weeks ago I started with a sharp pain in my right cheek. It came on suddenly in the night, so bad it woke me. The pain runs from just below my nostril, a couple of centimetres towards my ear, the pain then runs up my cheek and then across to roughly the middle of my ear. Both the dentist and the doctors have said they think it is trigeminal neuralgia and as such I have been prescribed carbamazepine. Despite the pain increase if I am scared to take the tablets. Years ago I reacted to an antibiotic and had anaphylaxis. My skin looked horrendous. Although rare a similar reaction is noted in the leaflet. I appreciate that it is my decision as to whether I take the tablets but would be interested to hear if anyone has had the same pattern of pain and also what treatments have worked.

It appears that other treatments are available.

It was the worst pain I have ever had - by Gavin Giovannoni (

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Hi @whammel, thanks for sending the article through. I will have a good read through.

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