Trigeminal neuralgia

Hi guys hope your all well, I’ve recently been told by the gp I have TN, I’ve been put on amityriptaline 30mg and naproxen for the pain but it’s getting worse, last night I was beside myself in agony so much so that if, the pain gets to that tonight I’m gonna take myself to a&e has,anyone else had this? And if so any ideas on stopping the pain?

Hi Gemma,

With all due respect, I don’t think this is a case for A&E, as you know what it is, and despite the pain, it’s in no way life threatening. People who use A&E for things that aren’t accidents or emergencies are putting a strain on the system that could pose a risk to those whose circumstances are life threatening.

Saturday night will be absolutely peak time at A&E. I know some of the people there will be so through their own silly fault (alcohol), which is obviously not the case with you, but they may still be in more urgent need of help, so please think twice before turning up there on their busiest night.

This needs to be sorted with your doctor. Carbamazepine (often marketed as Tegretol), is, I believe, the drug of choice for TN. Like all drugs, it may have side-effects. One poster here recently found it made her MS worse, but I believe this is a minority side-effect, which does not happen with most people.

Amitriptyline is reasonable for nerve pain in general, but I’m not sure it targets the serious pain of TN sufficiently. I’m no doctor, but I can’t see the naproxen helping at all, as it’s not for nerve pain. Whatever’s prescribed needs to be a neuropathic painkiller (i.e. for nerve pain), which low dose amitriptyline is, but naproxen is not (that I know of). That’s not to say naproxen is useless for other pain relating to MS or suspected MS, as most people experience a combination of different types of pain - some nerve pain, some not. Naproxen may well help with other aches and pains, just not TN, I don’t think.

I hope it doesn’t happen again tonight. If it does, there should be some sort of out-of-hours GP cover, but I recognize it will be very limited, and I do not know if duty chemists stay open all night. Your GP’s surgery probably has a recorded message, detailing who to contact.

If - touch wood - all is well until Monday, you need to get straight onto the doctor then, and explain the regime isn’t working.

I believe I’ve had TN just once, so I do know the pain is bad, but I wasn’t diagnosed, so had no idea what it even was.

In the morning it was gone as if it never happened, so I ended up questioning whether it had been some kind of nightmare.



Have you tried holding a bag of crushed ice against your face? This really helped me, but you do need to wear an oven glove, otherwise your hand will go numb.


Hi Gemma, I suffer terribly with TN is I understand how you are feeling, gabapentin/nuerontin is what I am prescribed on a daily basis I can increase it if need be. When it gets horrific I take 2 oxynorm, which I have a prescription for. On one occasion I ended up in a& e, I rang them first and they told me to come in. They put me on a morphine drip and I was so out of it the pain didn’t bother me. Try ringing your local a&e and ask for some advice, this pain is known as the suicide pain it can get so severe that it is horrific.


ann xx

Hi Anitra, I didn’t mean a&e I meant I would phone 111 which is what I did, but to be fair for the amount of pain I had been in if that was my only option then I would go, I have an appointment with my gp on Monday anyway so I will discuss it with her and ask about the change in medication.

Hi Ben, I actually used a bag of peas and it did give some relief…thank you :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply agenda, my mums partner has oramorph for his back so they brought me some, I had a spoonful of that and some dihydracodiene and it helped me get some sleep although I do feel really foggy this morning! Hope your well

Gemma, Be careful taking codeine and morphine together that can be dangerous.

Snowqueen x