Trigeminal Neuralgia pain

Hi, Just wondered if any one else suffers from TN pain?. I have RRMS and TN pain. Had MRI which only shows old scarring close to Trigeminal nerve. I take Amitriptyline, Lyrica, & use Lidocaine patches. Cannot lie on side with pain, and the much needed laughing, smiling can aggravate. Does anyone else have this extra pain on top of MS & has anyone tried Acupuncture?


I find tegretol (carbamazepine) good for this pain,



I have had TN for many years.

I agree with John in that Tegretol (Carbamezepine) is very helpful. Perhaps it would be better than Lyrica.
I have not come across the use of Lidocane so I Googled it and found no references to TN only shingles.
Amytriptene is good for nerve pain, many people here take it.

It was my experience that it took quite a long time to get the drug and dosages correct but with experimentation you should be able to get pain free. I dogged my GP until we got it right.

Laying down aggravates mine too so I sleep banked up on pillows, it seems to help.

I’ve not tried acupuncture.



Poor you. TN is the pits

I take Tegretol. It is supposed to be the most effective for TN but I have had to increase my dose up to 600mg a day which is a pretty hefty dose. I also take 600mg of sodium valproate to try and ease it. But since my last relapse I am still getting break through pain in spite of the meds. My neuro is talking of referring me to a neurosurgeon for surgery on the trigeminal nerve to try and give me a break.

But tegretol was certainly very effective for me until recently. Can you ask your Dr if you can try it? Just be aware that you will need regular blood tests if you are on tegretol as it can cause some changes in liver function.

Good luck and I hope it eases for you,

in my case the tegretol seems to mix well with lyrica , though I only take tegretol as and when the T.N. gets unbearable , (which it mostly does),

interesting about the liver function Belinda, that’s never been mentioned to me



I get TN up the front of my face and in my front teeth, I can sympathise with you because it is awful.

I take Pregabalin (Lyrica) 150mg morning and 225mg at night and Amitriptyline 30mg at night for nerve pain with TN.

I find that the dose I’m on keeps the pain away unless I lie on my right side, so I never do.

I didn’t have pain for the first 11 years after Dx, but I know what it’s like now bummer !!!

Lynne xx