trigeminal neuralgia

what helps trigeminal neuralgia best, ive been prescribed amitriptyline


I am also taking Amitriptyline for TN and I’m finding it works well, but I am also taking Pregabalin too. My GP said if I hadn’t have already been taking Pregabalin, that is what he would have prescribed for TN and said that if the combination of Pregablin and Amitriptyline didn’t work, he would prescribe Carbamazepine.

What dosage are you on? I’m taking 10mg at night, but also taking 250mg of Pregabalin a day.

Isn’t the Amitriptyline helping or are you just starting them? I found they helped me within a few days.

Fizzy x

starting amitriptyline 10mg tonight. i tried carbamazepine few months ago, a very low dose made me so weak

i couldnt get out of bed couldnt stand. do you have any side effects with amitriptyline.

No, I don’t have any side effects with Amitriptyline…I have been taking it on and off for a few years for headaches too and find it works well for me.

I do find that it is a struggle to wake up in the mornings when I first start taking it and have to snooze my alarm a few times before I finally crawl out of bed! This soon wears off though…no longer than a week. I have read some people take it a few hours before they go to bed, so that might be worth a try and see how you go?

I hope it works for you.

Fizzy x

I used to take amitriptylene with carbemazepine for TN.

I’m not sure how successful it will be on it’s own.

If Tegretol (carbemezepine) gives you too bad side effects there are others that you could try like Gabapentin and Pregabalin