Trigeminal nerve

Hi everyone!
I hope you are feeling the best you can.
I had my first flare up and worsening of original symptoms since my diagnosis.
Last year I went to the GP as I had loss of sensation and tingling on the face in the trigeminal area and this lead to my eventual diagnosis.

I am a month into Tecfidera and got a cold. With the weakened immunity, this led to a flare up of symptoms. Balance problems, tingling, fatigue etc. But now, rather than loss of sensation in the trigemial nerve, it’s now trigeminal nerve pain! I imagine over time this pain will increase for me and that’s an unexciting prospect.

I also lost my sense of smell and therefore taste. Is this a consequence of the trigeminal nerve? Is it a typical MS symptom unrelated? Or is it because I had a bad cold?
Thanks everyone!

No harm in trying B12 to see if it helps ease TN pain.

“It is important to keep the body healthy to help manage the pain-pathways. Vitamin B Complex, especially vitamin B12, has some evidence in helping regulate nerve function and may be beneficial.”

Tips For Dealing With TN - TNA

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Great advice, I’ll check the link. Thank you!