Time between episodes


I was wondering how often everyone had their flares.
Do any of your symptoms stay or do they all go away?

I have trigeminal neuralgia since March and it doesn’t seem to ease up.
My other symptoms, like the wooziness, pins and needles on arms and leg are away. The pain in the face stays.

It might be worth taking B12 to see if it helps ease TN pain. No harm in trying and certainly did the trick for me.

“It is important to keep the body healthy to help manage the pain-pathways. Vitamin B Complex, especially vitamin B12, has some evidence in helping regulate nerve function and may be beneficial.”
Tips For Dealing With TN - TNA

Thank you for the link! That’s really helpful.
Does yours still hurt? Did you ever get a break from it?

Thankfully, no more pain at all. I was originally gifted TN as a side effect from Fampyra and it cleared up about a month after starting B12.
Perhaps, it was just a coincidence, but I have no intention of stopping B12 to find out.
I hope it helps you too.

I was diagnosed in December and have had Trigeminal neuralgia ever since. The only blessing is now it’s warmer my symptoms have eased, I also take vitamins daily. But have found the only thing to ease to symptoms is the change in the weather, and I have a massage every month.
My head is numb, so I find wearing a hat also helps to ease the symptoms. Hope you manage to get some relief as it’s the worst pain.