Lower face/Jaw pain

Hi all.

I was diagnosed with MS in July this year. Had double vision initially then the other symptoms started. Waiting to be medicated but I have some new symptoms that are concerning me. I have a tingling sensation with numbness in the thoracic area. My throat seems to constrict and stick and then I can’t clear it for a few minutes. Also my jaw has started hurting feeling very unstable. I swim and it has now started to affect the breathing to the left. Also when I yawn it gives me a sharp searing pain. Has anyone experienced these sensations?

I am seeing my MS nurse next week so will speak to her then.

Thank you.

I have lower face/jaw pain also. It is related to an ms lesion i have in my neck which also affects my trigeminal nerve. . Sometimes with ms you can get what is called trigeminal neuralgia and there is medication that can help with this also.

When you see your nurse you need to explain all these new symptoms. Your ms is obviously active at the moment so hopefully your nurse will speed up the process of you getting on medication.

I’ve been on the drug Tecfidera for 18 months. Your ms nurse will discuss your treatment options depending on how active your ms is. Reserch all your options to decide what is best for you.

Best wishes


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Many thanks for the reply Teresa. It’s good to know other people have the same symptoms. Hopefully I’ll be on Techfidera or Plegridy by the end of the month.

All the best.


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This has been a really timely post. Over the last week I have developed real pain and discomfort with my left jaw, when I open it and when I chew. I did a bit of self diagnosis and was interested when I came across Trigeminal Neuralgia which does seem to match my symptoms and possibly link to my Dysfagia. It’s another frustrating issue which means as the fatigue sets in its now painful to yawn :-(.

I will see what my MS Nurse says?


Good luck with the MS nurse JC