Jaw, teeth and throat?

What fresh hell is this?

Jaw and teeth feel like they belong to someone else. Certainly not mine! Whole lower face feels very peculiar. AND then neck, throat region, goes into strange spasm like it’s about to get a cramp but doesn’t (neck ‘hug’?). Not painful but so strange and all the time feeling that something is stuck in my throat.

Anyone else had this?

Pat x

Hi Pat,

I got the flu three times in 3 months and last Spring and one of the symptoms was this feeling of not being able to swallow and wanting to cough constantly because ecauseof something in my throat. Neuro said that it wasn’t flu but ms flareup which was a surprise cos I thought ppmsers didn’t get flareups. Anyway the throat thing is called dysphagia and you do need to be a lot more careful because you are at greater risk of choking right now. Mine has died down and haven’t suffered it for a few months. Watch the liquids as they are more likely to cause choking than food and don’t mix liquids and solids like soup with veg in it etc.

Take it easy,



Thanks Lucy and Sarah. It comes and goes and seems to be worse in evenings. Had it about 3 days… today is 3rd day I think… wouldn’t you think I’d remember? Anyway fatigue is also very bad right now and seems linked in, and now realise left side of neck is numb.

I’ll phone doctor in morning if it gets worse… but have to admit I hardly see the point anymore as they just say ‘MS’ and that’s it. I am starting Pregabalin next week so that might help.

Thanks for your lovely responses. What would I do without my friends on here…

Pat xx

Hi Pat, I had something similar sounding…a pain that went from upper chest to throat to neck and into all my teeth and the teeth really hurt…rennies usually took it off.

GP sent me to cardio unit…decided it is acid reflux!

Now on lansoprazole…they work…no more pain in that region…

luv POllx

Thanks Poll… what’s so strange is it doesn’t hurt at all so don’t think it’s acid reflex (which I have had and very painful!). This is more like a squeezing sensation in neck and peculiar feeling in jaw. It comes and goes for few days now. Anyway I feel pretty sure it’s MS related as not as bad as few days ago… and I feel less tired. Who knows eh?

Pat xx