New symptoms

Hi All

I am feeling better however something else always manage to rear its head and sometimes i think its all in my head !!!

However when these symptoms come and stay for a little while its hard

Okay still have pins and needles in my legs Toes and Torso … I say pins and needles but sometimes it all feels numb but over the last 4 to 5 days i feel like something is stuck in my throat im not coughing or anything just strange

Does this make sense to anyone

Mandy63 x

yes Mandy and its horrible.

I am not diagnosed and became unwell in March, and was left very weak down one side. I started to pick up a little in early July and then became very unwell again and it bought swallowing problems with it.

I feel like I am clearing my throat all the time and had some nasty episodes eating, where I choked and inhaled food. I went to see my GP and I’ve since had a referral from my neurologist to have it looked at and am being really careful in the meantime.

Hi Mandy, horrid symptoms! Best to see GP about the feeling of lump in throat. It’s probably nothing but we should never assume something is an MS symptom.

It can be a symptom of anxiety. No, I’m not saying it’s all in your head. I had it years ago and it felt very much like a lump in my throat but was caused by anxiety. Yours might not be, but useful to know it could be and is very distressing. It is awful being in limbo and having all these symptoms so being anxious would not be unusual.

Hope you’re feeling better very soon.

Pat x

Hi Pat/Gillian

Thank you for replying

I have the Neuro a week on Friday so will ask him , i have been keeping a diary and i do feel better until i go and walk round shops and all the tightening around my stomach tingling in my legs along with them feeling like lead weights with stiffness in my knees and also my feet half numb and half pins and needles .I started to keep a diary after a few on here advised and it means i can give him a list of what has happened and when

LIMBO land is not good but everyone on here is a great support and soooo understanding

Thank you

Mandy63 x

Thanks Pat, I didn’t know that they could help, I think my GP left it to the neuro as I was seeing him so soon.

Shes a doll though, and I am due a visit to her tomorrow so great timing for the reply.

(Dear Lord the things I do to get a trip out the house…if you didn’t laugh…)xx