Not Diagnosed but facial numbness problem!

Good evening everyone, im new here and have been experiencing symptoms of MS for a good while now, however theres no talk of diagnosis or anything just yet. for the last 7 days my left side of my face is numb, from the forehead, to below the cheek bone, nose, even teeth and gums etc (i mean precisely half too, the right side isnt affected at all) on the right side i suffer trigeminal neuralgia, other conditions i have are benign intracranial hypertension, blepharitis and hemipilegic migraines. ive just gotten home from the hospital as i had to stay in overnight for an MRI. report says myelin sheath is in tact however functioning cannot be commented on until i see my neurologist on 31st oct. Im only 22 and am already on so medications that i find it hard to process whats going on… the doctors at the hospital literally said “its very complicated and we have no idea what it is, you need to see a specialist” it feels as though ive had a local anasthetic in my face and top of my head and its waring off but the numbness iznt going. ive tried massaging it and everything nothing is working. Again i know i cant be diagnosed on here and no one are medical professionals but has anyone experienced numbness of this sort? thanks for any replies i recieve xx


maybe you have Bell’s Palsy, which makes half of your face numb just the way you describe.

i had it at age 16 (i’m now almost 60)

had it again after my diagnosis at age 50.

the first time i was prescribed thiamine tablets which did the trick.

thiamine is B vitamin.

not long until your appointment with the neuro now.

stay strong and be as calm as possible.

carole x

thank you so very much for your reply carole, they have ruled bells palsy out for the moment, however im definitely going to ask for some thiamene to see if it does the trick- if it does their ruling out process is wrong. i just panic as i already have quite the list of illnesses already without another being added to the mix. im happy someone else has experienced it to be honest, at least im not completely alone. thanks a lot for your reply again it means a lot x

try a good Vitamin B Complex, check the list of B vits on the packets, some have better amounts of each.

good luck on the 31st. (which is my 60th birthday)

thanks so much for your help and happy 60th for then carole hope you have a fab day. xx