Tried everything

Hello All, I have had MS for 20 plus years and pain has always been a major problem. A few years back I was told that the "progressive " form I had from the beginning was now "secondary progressive " and as well as pain I now have to use a power wheelchair and self catherterize. I am now at a point where the pain is stopping me sleeping and am using a bottle of Oramorph pretty much every day. As the heading implies I have tried just about everything from Mindfulness and residential pain programmes to Fentanyl patches. At present I think the flair up is caused by stress as I have been told I “may have cancer” and just for good measure I have just had my driving licence revoked (I am appealing this decision) and I am starting a PIP application. I think, in truth there is little I can do to reduce the stress at present. As a result of all of this I have decided not to have a Prostrate biopsy and just let any cancer i might have take its course (I haven’t told the Urologist this!). My GP is excellent and very supportive, but, I have not seen a Neurologist for over 6 years as all they were doing was giving me yet another drug that never worked but always had really awful side effects. Has anyone got any tips (or tricks) that I could consider? I am willing to try anything legal, infact, anything that is not legal I would perhaps consider!

I have just realised how long this message is, so really sorry to have taken so much of your time .

Thanks for reading this “essay”


hello Pillbox

I’m sorry that you have so much pain.

There s nothing i could suggest since as you say you have tried everything.

one thing is important and that is to get support with your application for PIP.

as for the cancer scare, that is up to you, presuming that you have considered it thoroughly.

as for illegal medications, you are on Fentanyl patches so all that is left is the illegal opioids.

thinking of you and wishing you the best.

Have you thought it might be the cancer that is giving you the pain, only a thought. Kay