Trends not MS

Trends, there’s the one for tattoos, and the one where young men wear their trousers low slung to show off their designer underpants and bums.

Now we have beards, hairy faces, young men shaving their heads but not their beards.

Which celebrity started that one, and what do you think?

Oh god, I point at laugh at guys with their arses hanging out of their trousers, particularly when they have to keep their hands jammed in their pockets to hold the things up! I mean seriously, they can’t possibly think that looks cool xD

Ah,so all that scribble is actually tattoos. I get the pirates of ye olde wearing a gold earring which was the price of a christian burial for them,but what does all the money spent on tatts get the deceased wearer nowadays?

Oh, a bald head and a beard…One of ZZ Top perhaps?


the baggy trousers i understand is gangster chiche; you are not allowed a belt in prison etc and concealed guns are heavy…

as for beards… well that is just the tragedy of being a late blooming hipster

Neckbeards… T_T

We were involved in an accident on the motorway last year (non injury and not our fault, luckily) I was staggered to see one of the police officers who attended bore a striking resemblance to ZZ Top!

Do any of you remember those over sized shorts beloved of young men, maybe in the eighties? I once heard an elderly lady say of one such young man, “Eee he’ll be a big lad if ever he grows into them!”