the change...

on a friday, i would be well into my second hour of drinking by now…now i am well into my p.j’s. is it always this rock n roll???

Same :frowning: infact the wheelie bins go out more than me these days!!

I’ve never found pj’s & drinking incompatible. :wink:



i’m just too tired too do either! i’m one drink away from a snooze and just the thought off going out… xxx

i love my pj,s dont worrey

kang xxx


i have loads of pjs. deciding what to wear can take ages!!!

carole x

all your replies have made me smile :slight_smile: maybe pj’s aren’t so bad :slight_smile: xxx

Hi, no matter what size or condition I have been in, my nightie has always been my best frock!

I`m always in bed by 6 too. No probs…I can watch whatever I like on telly and snooze when I like with no comments from anyone.

luv Pollx