nearly bedtime!

Just glanced at the clock and said to myself, Oh tea time soon and then bed. I said it in a positive way.

Is this this what I have come to? Looking forward to bed time and it`s only afternoon?

The thing is, when I go to bed, I have my most comfy frock on…me nightie!

I stretch out, so my catheter isnt squashed, dont need to keep emptying my wee daybag, as the night one is bigger, and I always feel a sense of no demands on me when in bed…no, none of that there either!

Yet, I love to get up, get me glad rags on, put some tutty on and zhuzz my hair up with goo!

This happens just twice a week, but had an extra dressing up day, yesterday as it was my sis`s birthday. I got home at 4pm and went straight to bed.

Arent they short days?