is it just me? I sleep most days so deeply a brass band could be playing near me and not wake me up, the only thing that does is my bladder.

Same here Dolly. Lots of trips to the loo at night.

Dear Dolly, I am having a relapse currently and I have slept every day and every night for over a week now. My family wake me to feed me and remind me of toilet breaks! Still exhausted kindest thoughts ali x

Hello Dolly.

My Fitbit tells me my average is 14 hours. I believe it to be true.

If I don’t get my full sleep the day is a disaster.

Once I get going into the day I’m fine. I make myself do things. It’s better than lying awake.

Best wishes, Steve

Same here… my bladder won’t let me sleep past about 6a.m…and gets me up in the night once or twice too! Luckily I don’t have trouble drifting off again… but I could probably do with more sleep than I’m getting. Getting moving in the morning is SO hard some days!

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I can sleep most of the day unless I try really hard and push myself, bedtime I sleep but I am up at least twice in the night for the bath room luckily I can get straight back into bed and back to sleep. This cycle is getting to be worse as time goes by and I d o find my self having more sleeps during the days.

Bladder alarm clock

The need to get up to get partner on dialysis gets me up at 6.30am…plus the bladder. Couple times in the night - and I on oxbutin patches!

Get to 2pm and thats it, have to crash for couple hours. Or turn into a zombie.

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I must be in a minority or maybe its because i am older now, but i have never needed much sleep i can get by on 5 hours and i never nap during the day never have done,even when i am very ill i cant sleep during the day.

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Get this one! I regularly fall back to sleep at stupid o’clock sitting on the loo.

Or I sit on the edge of bed also at stupid o’clock with the intention of going to the throne room, fall back to sleep, wake myself up falling forward, luckily I’ve not hurt myself doing so as the forward motion wakes me up. It must look like a comedy sketch.

If someone ever witnessed this I think they’d laugh like a drain!

I’m currently on the sick from work, I generally work the early shift 7 am till 11 am just 3 days a week. I work on the checkout and the times I have woke myself from the forward falling motion when I drop off is unbelievable it’s the reason they gave me the early shift as i was supposed to have more energy but I have fatigue from the time I get up really. It’s just a matter of time until I fall off that stool.

Since I stooped working last year sleeping has been great. For the last couple of years before that, my sleeping was very erratic, mainly due to My inability to put things into perspective and to fret about trivial things.

My bladder wakes me up 3 to 4 times a night, but I get up, do my business, get back into bed without properly waking up, so getting back to sleep isn’t a problem.

without the proper amount of sleep, I will openly admit that I am a grumpy, miserable git. Although I’m sure my wife would say that even with the proper amount of sleep that I’m a miserable, grumpy git anyway.


This used to be me, my sister says I used to be able to sleep in a field in a thunder storm. Now I have insomnia brought on by tecfidera and I wish I could sleep longer than two hours a night without a sleeping pill. I always feel best on a Sunday after my Saturday night sleeping tablet, as I get a full 12+ hours.