I keep waking up at around 3am every night!!! Anybody have this?

Bed 11am, wake 1am, wake 3am, wake 5am (for a pee!)

I’m away at moment. No sleep till 1am (too hot) then awake at 6 !!! (The usual time my 3 year old wakes us up)

I usually go to bed around 10pm

wake at 00.30, 02.30 & 05.00 each time it’s for a pee. Or at least I feel like I need one but can’t manage to get one.

It’s a pain keep waking up every night.


Sleep? What’s that then?

I have soooo much trouble getting to and staying in the ‘Land of Nod’ that I don’t really go there anymore…sadly.


Me too. Takes ages to get to sleep, up to two hours, then I wake in the early hours and stay awake for another couple of hours. I’m often wide awake around 3am. I’m self catheterising now, so the getting up for a piddle every two hours or so isn’t the problem now.

Yeh I wakearound 3.15 every night then up up 2hrs ish

There has been posts from people who are now taking Biotin for their MS - and they have found they can go all through the night without getting up for a pee.

Worth a try.

If I have trouble going to sleep or wake up in the night I find that if I lie perfectly still and breathe deeply and very slowly as I assume I do when asleep then I soon drop off.

Knackered @ 23.45. 2 hours kip. Wide awake since 02.00. What is that about ? 5 hours kip last night,and full day at NEC, so why only two hour battery charge ? Still, caught up on the ff…

My sleep is messed up. I have no problems getting to sleep. Sleeping a whole night is another matter don’t need the toilet when I wake not aware anything wakes me 01.00, 03.00 and 04.00 common times. Am awake between 05.00 and 06.00 daily no matter how tired I am even if I take sleeping tablets. On Sunday night I stayed up finishing work until 05.00 then went to bed. I was hoping that I might sleep longer and break the cycle, no was awake at 10.00. My fatigue is bad at the mo too.

Snowqueen x

I’m often awake in the small hours, tonight being no exception. It’s 3.33am and I see there’s no one else ‘currently active’ …or is there?

Hi all,

I count myself lucky that I have no problems sleeping. Go to bed about 10 and out for the count straight away up to the loo at least twice during the night and often have cramp also but I get back to sleep. Then the days I work I am up at 5 o’clock.

The good thing about working early is that I am home about 2 and have an hours sleep then. The thing is I don’t wake up refreshed even with all the sleep I get.

Mags xx