favourite clothes

i’m going to put on my favourite clothes and go to my favourite place.

any guesses?

yep pjs on and going to bed

carole x

Mine`s the same…for both…except I wear nighties…cant do with another bit of clothing to wee thru!

luv Pollx

my sister looked all excited when i told her i was putting my fave clothes on and going to my fave place.

sorry i had to disappoint her!

carole x

I was grumbling to my Mum last night that I don’t know how to darn, my best slipper-socks (xmas pressie from M&S) have worn thru at the heels. They are just the best with PJs, thick woollen socks with a little fleece bootie on the inside… the rate they’re going I figure the booties will be next then I’ll have to throw them. Yep, I totally understand