I live a very long way from a gym, so I hope to buy a treadmill to use at home (maybe with help from the MS Society) – but before I buy one I want to actually see it, stand on it. I have read reviews of them, and one man said the treadmill seemed to have been designed for women because the grab rail/ handles were set too low. I wouldn’t want to buy one only to end up with a stoop from using it. So where can you go to see a really good range of treadmills? I live near Hull, East Yorkshire and I rely on trains and buses, so ideally it would be quite local.

Have a look on Gumtree, I’ve just googled ‘treadmills in Hull’ & it came up with quite a few


Just before you buy - have you thought about alternatives to a treadmill? I use a cross-trainer. This exercises arms as well as legs and is more future-proof than a treadmill. My walking is too poor to use a treadmill now, but still fine on cross-trainer.

Hi, I also think cross trainer would be better, due to the foot drop mallarky.

When i first began with trips and stumbles I bought a manual treadmill, but it was too hard to push/make work.

So I swapped it for an electric one. Still didnt help, as my foot just would not pick up…I fell off a few times.

Ended up selling for half what I paid for it!