Exercise at home


Can anyone recomend some type of exercise equipment for the home. Ive put too much weight on since not being active enough since dx. Plus I love chocolate !

I was thinking about a bike as my balance wouldnt be affected as much. Joining a gym would be a waste of money as i wouldnt be able to use much as my balance and mobility is crap. I need to do something.

Anyone exercise at home ? What do you use ?


Hi Mick.

The only equipment I use is the kitchen sink which I hold onto as tight as I can, stand on tip toes and bend my knees lowering myself to the floor and pulling myself up. It hurts but it is strengthening my leg muscles along with my arms and back.

I’m sure someone will come along and tell you of some proper equipment, but the above helps me.

I wish you luck along with less pain.



My husband and I have an exercise bike and a cross-trainer. They’re both easy to use - my balance isn’t great and I don’t have any problems with the cross-trainer because once I’m on it I don’t lift my feet at all. I think the cross-trainer works more muscles than the bike, and I find the bike a bit uncomfortable. My husband set up a TV and DVD player in front of them (they’re side by side) to help pass the time while exercising - he’s working his way through previous series of Dr Who at the moment, one episode per session; I just listen to a few tracks on my music player as I don’t do as long a session. We both find that the time goes more quickly with music or something to watch.

For strengthening my core muscles and improving my balance, I have a set of exercises that use a gym ball and a sturdy chair (to hold on to while I do one of the exercises). My physio set the exercises, but there are also lots of videos on the MS Trust’s website.

What have you got space for and what will you actually use?

I was thinking of a cross trainer as, like you say, will work more muscle than a bike but i was concerned that balance would be an issue because I would be standing so its good to hear you dont have any problems with it.

I do the exercises for core strength from the physio but it doesnt improve balance much. I have space for one machine and will use it most days, and not just as a clothes rack !!

Thanks for your ideas Janet, Mitzi.


If you get in touch with the MS Society. They have a DVD you can get for exercising regularly to keep yuor body working.

Its called “exercising with MS”, introduced by sally Gunnell.

21 stretches and execise for eople with MS.


My wife helps me do the excersises the phsyio recomended for me mainly stretches and some with a huge excersise ball which was a couple of pounds from Argos.


Hey Mick,

Why are you thinking the gym would be no good for you???

ALL cardio equipment is ideal for people with bad balance as the equipment has a sturdy bar at the front which you can hold on to for support. As long as you have got strength in your arms, there is no problem. Just because we see people on the TV running on treadmills doesn’t mean we have to - we can take everything at our own pace.

At the gym you get to use everything - treadmill, cross trainer, exercise bike and stepper, not to mention all the resistance equipment which you have to sit down to use anyway.

My balance is completely shot and I find it difficult walking any distance, but recently at the gym on the treadmill I walked a whole mile - yippee! Obviously I felt the effects after, but that wore off quite quickly and I was so happy to have achieved my goal. There is no way I could have done it without holding on.

I’m sure if you went to your local gym and explained your lack of balance, they’d be happy to show you round & explain the equipment.

Emma x

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I have a cross trainer - I try to use it every day. My balance is not brilliant but I’m fine on it. I don’t want to spend the time (or money) involved in going to the gym - having something at home that I can use when I have a spare twelve minutes (working back up to thirty minutes) is the best thing for me.

hi, i have a vibration plate, D0 10 mins a day, you can either stand on it, or sit on a chair and put your feet on it. it’s brilliant!!! good for core balance, pelvic floor muscles.