Travelling with syringes

I’m going away for a while soon and was wondering what people did with their used syringes when they were on holiday?



You get a travel sharps bin from your drug company and you use that

Luisa x


You get a travel sharps bin from your drug company and you use that

Luisa x

[/quote] Which is much smaller and more convenient to travel with. After your return your drug company will collect it and, if you ask, give you another in it’s place.

Oh no I didn’t realise that and I won’t get another deivery before I go! argh. I wonder if I can get one at the chemist.

Hi I used to be on Copaxone and very often travelled with the syringes.

Firstly, dont panic that you didn’t know about the travel sharps bin. Just ring up your supplier ie. Movento etc and they should post one out to you very quickly. Mine would sometimes come the following day depending on when I rang. (Of course we are at the time of Xmas post though, so don’t know just how quick it would come??)

The other tips I could give you are more for when its hot weather.

  1. If we travelled by car in this country and were lucky enough to actually have some hot/warm weather, we have a cool box that plugged into the cigarette lighter, perfect for your syringes aswell as your picnic. We had an adaptor aswell, so we could take it and plug it into the hotel room etc if there was no fridge available (not normal for an english hotel).

  2. When flying or travelling abroad I used the freezer block that you get with your original kit and only chose hotel rooms, etc that had or provided a fridge for a charge. And actually the last couple of time didn’t even use the fridge as the Room Safe is always very cold inside, so kept them in there??

  3. If you do go abroad, flying etc, don’t forget to ask your MS Nurse for a letter explaining why you are travelling with the syringes and saying you are fit to travel. I got an updated one every time I flew.However, I was never asked for it or ever challenged by the airport staff. (Keep everything in your hand luggage).

  4. I always used to take more syringes than I actually needed incase I damaged one, etc.

Don’t worry, it will become second nature to you before long. Its amazing how quickly it becomes part of every day life.

Have a good break and I wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year!!

Equus X

Hi Equus again. Just when you thought I’d gone on enough, I remembered couple more things ha ha…so

If your travel sharps bin doesn’t come quick enough and you dont want to have to take your large one, of course you can always carefully stick the end back onto the used syringe and put it back into the opened wrapper. Aftrer doing so, you could then collect them in your small zipped pencil case shaped bag that you get with your original kit and dispose of them when you get home??

Also, if I was going somewhere just for the day, and it wasn’t red hot weather, I took just a couple of syringes in a hard plastic travel toothbrush holder (which fitted in my handbag) and then when I’d injected, followed the same system that I just explained above. It always worked a treat.

Will leave you alone now, sure you’ve read enough - so again All the Best Equus x

Thanks for all the tips. I’ve ordered a little one from ebay to do me for this trip, I don’t have time to wait for a delivery from the supplier and I’m not going ot be in this week, they need signatures. I have two small children so I’m not comfortable keeping them until we get home, they get their little mitts on everything!

Mine don’t need to be kept cold so sure they will be ok.

Thanks again