Travelling to Crete, Covid and Kesimpta


Quick question - 7 months on Kesimpta 2 UTI’s later and now an ear infection. Covid all around, so many I know testing positive…it’s dawned on me (well I’m aware but guess I hadn’t thought it all the way through), that I may catch this while travelling to Crete or even in Crete. Does anyone know if you can get anti-vitals abroad? If so which would you take with Kesimpta? Struggling to get help on this and I can’t be the only one with this worry given how many are testing positive again. Please can I ask to just have advice specific to the question as I’m very stressed and travel in one week. Thanks

If you are a British citizen and you have an IHIC you can get free treatment and prescription in Greece btw. Just go to any hospital in Greece for that.