Travel Insurance

Hello everyone

I am trying to get some travel insurance and wonder if anyone can recommend somewhere. Just to give some background. I have MS and currently waiting to have a cystoscopy because of repeated UTI’s. My husband has Parkinson’s and angina and last week had an angiogram because of changes on his ECG - no stent required just some changes to medication.

We are due to travel to Porto at the end of May - we were meant to go last October but had to cancel as we couldn’t get travel insurance as we were both waiting to see consultants at the hospital and awaiting tests. This has all dragged on and don’t quite know which company to approach. I can’t believe it’s so difficult to get insurance - we have never previously had a problem and have always declared our pre existing conditions.

Hope this makes sense - can anyone suggest anywhere I could try

many thanks

I think I used a company called Allclear in the past. They seem to cover people with our sorts of conditions x

Try AllClear or StaySure both good for pre existing.