I am house bound, trapped it a terraced house unable to find somebody to help me. I broke a tooth last Wednesday and after several hours I managed to find a dentist to repair it. Problem is I cannot get to the dentist as I cannot walk properly and I do not have a wheelchair. I would go to A&E but I cannot as it has been closed down and moved 20 miles… plus this new virus has caused problems I cannot find a solution too.
First I contacted NHS 111 and after waiting 40 minutes I had a telephone assessment. This dental assessment consisted of a lot of questions about your overall health and a couple about my tooth. At the end they just gave me a lot of out of date contact information about dentists 20 miles away. Ringing around all local dentists got me an appointment 1 week after I broke my tooth. The vast majority of dentists were booked. Forget NHS dentists as all were not seeing new patients. I had to go private. Concerning the transport , I still have not had any luck. Trying to talk to a MS nurse takes too long. I have to leave a message and maybe in 5 days she call you back. My GP was of no use as was patient transport. Taxis will not take you door to door only address to address. Thanks to stumbler for suggesting contacting NHS England. All NHS England suggested was that I contact my GP or 111. Now I have to beg a lift from somebody. This is not good. If it is an emergency then dial 999, if not then go online and find your own dentist. If you need help in getting then you are screwed. There should be a disability transport service you can call and somebody turn up at your address with a wheelchair, if needed, and take you to where you need to go.

Heyho, welcome. Any time I have problems like this I contact my MSP and, hey presto, the problems are solved. An example of this happened earlier this year. I had been waiting for an op to have a suprapubic catheter fitted but it kept being pushed back due to the pandemic, which I understood. But, enough is enough and, after a third cancellation I contacted my MSP outlining my case. Within 24 hours she had written to the head of my local NHS Trust. Five days later a letter dropped through my door telling me the surgery was scheduled for the following week. Result! So, might be worth a try. Mind you, it was a Scottish MP so, maybe they are more effective. Only joking :grin:

I would try to find a number for your local council social services and use terms like vulnerable adult. Make as much noise as you can so that it might be easier if they help you rather than not. I know that this may not be realistic but I would hope that if you make enough noise (publicity?) you should get some support.
Wishing you all the best

what is MSP ?

member of Scottish parliament - I think

Yip, it’s a Member of the Scottish Parliament. Have had to contact her on two occasions and both times she got things sorted within a few days.

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Great to hear