ESA id NO Help at all.

I just rang them up to ask how would I get to a medical due to the change over in benefit as I now use a wheelchair and have no trasport to get there,I cannot garantee a bus will have the larger wheelchair space for me to park in,they said oh just wait for the letter to arrive and ring them up and see what they say.

So no garantee that I will still have to go or not.Well if I cannot get there in my chair and no transport that will take my new wheels they will stop my money…


Hi Charlie,

They may give you a home visit for your medical…or you might not get one at all. I didn’t I was on incapacity benefit and got put straight into the support group without a medical…I was dreading having the medical…but it never happened. I think most of it was due to my UC…but I did put down that I’m having trouble walking, and looking after myself because my hands and wrists are stiff…etc.

Fingers crossed you won’t need a medical.


Hi Charlie They said I had to go for a medical. I got their details and faxed copied of all consultant reports. They sent me another letter saying they were gonna get me a taxi. I hen rang them, spoke to a “medical person” who said I didn’t have to go and they contact DWP. They did his and now I have been put in he main phase and he support group, no more sick notes for 12 months and then review Mike x

Its miles away from me,the bus dont always have the wider and longer area for bigger wheelchairs,they were just so unhelpfull on the phone,

Just made me feel low again.

I would never make it to the bus stop with my crutches…Never mind the distance I would have to walk from the end of journey bustop.

I hope I do not have one…


I went to an MS Benefits meeting the other day. There was a very helpful person there from DIAL. I don’t know if you have this organisation in your area (we haven’t) but they would still be worth a call. We were told that if we are unable to get to the meeting, due to our disability, we have the right to ask for a home visit. The woman from the work and pensions was very helpful too.

Good luck


Thankyou Wendy I will have a google for it later and see if we have one in this area.

I will wait for the medical appointment then ring them idiots and ask what can be done…

This stress is NOT good for any of us at all.I went with a friend a few weeks ago and we sat for so long I was swelling up I think it was well over two hours we sat there all appointments were running late,best put an incontinent pad on just incase.

Maybe a bit of luck they will allow a home medical or just award it I hope they do one of these.

I rang DLA again today they have not sorted out DLA it is now over 12 weeks waiting.

My neice applied and got hers in 4 weeks.They just say we are busy due to the changes of benefit,well employ more people to do the darn work.So I get left to wait and struggle while they do other work.