Been put in ESA Support Group but not hada medical

Does this mean i wont have to have at all ? , i rang the jobcentre to ask if i still had to send sick notes and they said no, i was expecting to have to go through hell so if i dont have to have one i will be so happy as i am already going through an appeal as they are trying to take my mobility car away from me, due to the fact that the dr actually made all the info on his form up.


So will i have to have a mediacal i thought i would have to have that and then they would decide ive also only been claiming sine 30th aug so it was much quicker than expected also

Unfortunately they can reassess you at any time, in my own case after 11 months.


If they have enough information, they dont always make you have a medical,so when filling the forms in its best to give them all the detail, and get letters from drs, ms nurses and neuros if possible,thats what i have been advised to do, WHEN i get the dreaded forms.

jaki xx


Yup Fee,


I’ve been put in the support group also; no medical; you probably will not get one.


The ESA was actually £10 PM more; wow I thought.  Then a week later I received a letter stating my Housing Benefit will be £16 PM less.


Still mustn’t moan when there are many Luvs loosing houses, not getting jobs.