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Have you ever been on the bus and learned things you never knew or rather they never knew about you. Well it happened to me last Saturday…I parked up in the wheelchair space with Frazer, we do this a lot, Frazer always sits on his Blanket at my feet . I tend to keep my head down , I hate travelling backwards. Today was a day like l’ll never forget! Half of Frodsham were on the bus …a mixture of pensioners and youths. Molly was with me and was very hormonal. Autism and teenage hormones are a recipe for disaster. She was sad we’d fallen out that morning, and even thought I was taking her to the theatre see sleeping beauty I remained unforgiven. The bus heard the lot. Ears pricked up people exchanged looks as Molly cried real tears. And I felt like the world’s worst mother. In fact it sounded so bad that I was fighting back the tears myself. Not helped by the fact that she told them I’d run over her foot with my chair that morning because a selfish person had shoved past us on a narrow path . All my life story seemed to be told including the fact that Aunty June had had to share Molly’s bedroom that week and had kept her awake by snoring . As Molly described it through her tears "like a lion on repeat! Well then the people on the bus started to laugh. The funny thing was when we arrived at Chester bus station most of them stopped to give Molly a hug and give me a sympathetic smile . One lovely lady said to Molly "you are such a lovely girl, dont worry i fall out with my daughter too. It was good to hear her say that . But I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look anyone in Frodsham in the eye again. Michelle and Frazer xx

A heartwarming account Michelle.

There are few sides with autism.

You’re brave to share it. Let’s celebrate your courage, fortitude and humour.

x woof

Oh dear Michelle one of those moments where you wish the ground would open up I bet, but you are a remarkable Mum, don’t ever forget that. Take care, hope you are feeling better. Pam x