The travelling circus.

My oldest son always refers to us as the travelling circus. Long before I became a wheelchair user he would say that how he felt about his family, A big reason for this was everywhere we went we would be noticed…theres no such thing as a keeping a low profile when you have autistic children one is enough but having three on the spectrum…wow it gets you noticed…not always in a good way. That being said these days even on my own with Frazer I still feel like the travelling circus, some days it’s fine but I must admit I’m tired today and I just wanted to go home, I don’t so much mind the person who stops and asked can they stroke him …but today it was everybody and a few a didn’t ask …Very Rude …oo I’m I just grumpy old woman ? Michelle and Frazer x

Your not grumpy Michelle,you are worn out at the moment,and its no wonder,with all thats going on.I really admire the way you cope with what life throws at you,i really do,your a star.


J x

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as far as I know, you and Frazer are stars…total stars…and who wouldnt want to notice and remember you?

A bit that way mesen!


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Don’t worry Michelle. Disabled folks get called far worse & we just have to ignore their temporary brain cell. I’m trying to do so many things & all I get is scroungers, theives, drug addicts & idiots. It’s the norm apparently. Joining a circus is an option. Getting dignosed with PPMS is a sign to get rid of those you don’t trust. Jumping in my car & cruising around is where it’s at. Terry

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Hi Michelle

No, you are not grumpy, you have a lot to contend with, and do it like a professional, you should be applauded.

My friend who is blind and has a guide dog feels the same, some days he wishes ‘joe public’ would just ignore his dog, as he is working, and some do not even speak to let him know they are fussing him.

Hope today is better for you, take care.

Pam x

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You’re not grumpy!That makes me a complete old crone lol Sonia x

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I have a t shirt which says “Grumpy old man. My level of sarcasm depends on your stupidity”.

Well your responses are natural and nothing to do with grumpiness.

Whenever I get on a bus, I offer a hearty greeting as everyone watches as I tootle into the “special” bit.

Best wishes, (woof)

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Thanks everyone, I’ve had a better day today, I went on the cart this morning. I’ve been volunteering on Saturday mornings at the park in Frodsham. Frazer always sits near my wheelchair on his blanket he loves being out with me , he usually gets fussed which I don’t mind because he s not working . I think the times when I mind is if I’m rushing to go somewhere or having a bit of quite time , it’s as if you belong to the public, Lee says it would put him off having a dog. I dont want to complain I’m so lucky having him, last week I didn’t feel well after being through botox. I think when your feeling poorly it makes you grumpy , I’m feeling a bit more myself now. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Oh thanks Michelle, I’ve got Nellie the flipping elephant going around my head now.

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Not anonymous…its me Michelle…its in my head now Steve…but not in Frazers he s snoring on the rug by the fire. Michelle and Frazer xx


Hello again Michelle. (Night shift post!)

Just reading your references to autism reminded me of the last autistic boy I taught. Ben was a big strapping year six boy with the gait of a silver back gorilla-just like his dad. Here’s the conversation:

“What’s your name?”


"No, what’s your real name?"a


“No it’s not.”

“It is!” he asserted.

“No, it’s Ben Ben Ben. That’s what I have to say to get you to turn round.”

(Silent pause whilst Ben thinks.)

“Hah ha ha, that’s funny.”

I used to try and get Ben to mimic the face I was pulling. It didn’t always work.

Steve x woof

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Steve I bet you were a fantastic teacher, My own son Ben was often misunderstood, he has aspergers and is very clever so wasn’t picked up even though we knew he had difficulties, it’s almost as if teachers only recognise a problem if they have a learning disability too. Finally he was diagnosed in year 5 and we were told he’d have support , except once they sent him to Helsby high it fell apart again, they couldn’t understand how he was in the top 5 in his year but he was unable to cope , I used to drive him to school every morning half an hour after it had started he would cry every morning and his shirt was wet through before we got there, he has Tourette syndrome and it involved spitting usually all over himself and also shouting random words which came into his head . Some of the young people took advantage and the words became obscenities, if they told him to say it he’d have to shout it. Thankfully the head teacher at the time was very understanding unlike the senco who felt that he should carry on at Helsby. We managed after a big fight to get him a statement of special needs and after being out of school for a year he went to West Kirby on the Wirral…what a fantastic school I can honestly say that they saved him and now he s still my Ben with his aspergers and managing to suppress his Tourette, he s the most polite and thoughtful young person, he’s passed his driving test and doing a degree at Chester university. Michelle and Frazer xx


I like the travelling wilburys unfortunately another on gone. XXX Hope your feeling better new XXX Don

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