Coming back on the bus

I’ve just come back home on the bus , it’s Tuesday my day for seeing my twin granddaughters. I was tired and wet and so was Frazer we had done a bit of shopping too. I was sat in the disabled area with my back against the wall facing the rest of the bus. Frazer cuddled up to a Lady sat facing me , she had crutches and between us both there wasn’t much room for Frazer. As she stroked Frazer her life story came out ,she’d had a terrible accident and broken her spine on several places and had suffered terrible depression and mental health problems, the sadness was etched on her face and she had two young children that were being brought up by her mum and dad. As we talked I realised my life wasn’t so bad after all. It’s funny how you can bond with a complete stranger that you will probably never see again . It’s daft but I felt humbled and guilty too. Is it me or am I going soft I feel sadder than I used to . I wish I could save the world .When I first ended up in the wheelchair I felt things were so unfair but the longer I’m in it the more my eyes are opened to the sadness and hardships of others. Michelle and Frazer xx

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Lovely story Michelle.

Yes I agree that we are sensitive to the misfortunes of others.

We have a perspective that is enhanced by our own experiences. If the homeless man I usually see in Euston Road is there when I next go up north, he’s getting a sandwich, a hot drink and one of my home-made mince pies.

Steve. x woof

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Thanks Steve, I’m the same as you I want to help the homeless in Chester too. Lee says to be careful which I am last year when it was so cold I wanted to give a man my wheelchair blanket he refused …Frazer was glad because that’s his blanket too he sits under the cafe tables with it when its not covering my knees. We bought him a MCDonalds instead. Do you find that all the barriers are down now …since being in my chair I seem to have joined a new group of people in as much as I’m more approachable , I feel very humbled by this , it’s as I’m not a threat I’m one of them…a poor unfortunate soul. Take care Steve and thanks for replying…sometimes I feel daft and completely soft. Michelle and Frazer xx