tomorrow`s the doppler test

allo again all.

yes, tomorrow is doppler test day. 3pm. I am kind of anxious and eager at the same time. Wanna get it done, wanna know the findings.

BUT, can anyone answer this question, which is whirring round and round in my daft head; please?

If someone has a low reading for cholesterol…3.7…how then can that person have furred up arteries?

I damned if I can find the answer on t`internet!

Cheers kids.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll,if the terminology was “Furred up”,then GOK…God Only Knows.Maybe there is something other than cholesterol whih causes furring.'Praps there is something causing the blood vessels to constrict by a mechanism outside of the inside.What have I just written? Does it make sense?

Good luck,


hi, well um yeh, I think I see what you mean! The doc did actually use the words furred up. Looking on tinternet, it reads that fat narrows the arteries. That`s what is confusing me, as I say low cholesterol etc.

Think I`ll have another google and see if I can find something on the lines of what you are saying.

Ta chuck!

luv Pollx

I think that it has been found that in general people with high cholesterol levels also have furred up arteries.

So the connection has been made. If you can find the research data I suspect you’ll find people with low cholesterol but not furred arteries and people with furred arteries but not high cholesterol. It’s just that most people with high cholesterol have a tendancy to have furred up artieries - or even that their arteries are starting to furr up but not enough so you can easily see it.

It is easy to treat high cholesterol levels with drugs as they are cheep - it has been suggested that everyone should take Simvastatin every day. Ironically recent research into MS has suggested that taking a very high dose of Simvastatin may help treat MS.

Hi love, hmmm not too sure. Maybe if they are furred up before ever taking a statin they stay furred up but the statin stops them getting worse?

Honestly some of this stuff is just too complicated to get your head round!

Anyway, best of luck for tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you.

Pat x

Hi Poll, The Doppler will look at the blood flow through your arteries. There are other causes of reduced blood flow besides furring. Narrowing of the arteries through smoking is one but there are others. Reduced blood flow in the arteries can cause what’s known as intermittent claudication which affects walking. Hopes this helps.

Hi Anita, thankyou for your reply. i smoked for the shortest time when a teenager, but never inhaled as I just couldnt fathom how to do it. But I grew up with secondary smoking, plus most of my married life. So I didnt ask for that, did I? Not fair.

I keep thinking back to Hughes syndrome…aka sticky blood.hmmm? I have had a test for that and it was negative.

luv Pollx

Thanks hun. Yeh, it is a minefield. I dont smoke, am getting my weight down, follow a very low fat diet, but cant excercise my legs.

It`s a chuff, innit!

luv Pollx

Just wanted to wish you well for your test tomorrow. Sam x

Hi, ta for your reply.

Ive been on simvastatin for a few years. Just been told they are swapping it for another statin, as simvastatin is causing muscles pains in some folk. I dont have that, but then im not walking, so…???

I`ve read that hardening/furring up of arteries can be genetic.

So that could be another horrendous legacy i am leaving my children.

Difficult to cope mentally with something like that!

luv Pollx