Told not to worry about brain lesions!

Recently had a brain MRI after a suspected TIA (which changed to hemiplegic migraine shortly afterwards) - the results were described as “essentially normal” - this was actually “a couple of non specific foci of signal change within the subcortical white matter but otherwise entirely normal”. Had been put on Simvastatin in the meantime which gave me the most awful pins and needles (which I have had lesser versions off and on for 20 years) so i came off it and then following the rediagnosis stopped altogether. Anyway, became very dizzy about three weeks ago in conjunction with migraines. Cant get rid of the dizzyness and the pins and needles came back two days ago! Also get odd burning smells and the odd funny cramp, tingling bottom lip and pain in my calves. Slightly blurred vision in one eye but tested and checked by optician who said it was just age. Tested for MS over 12 years ago and nothing.

Used to suffer with fatigue but lost weight, walked a lot and use a mouth splint and now have loads of energy.

Told it was all due to my migraines! Not too sure what to do next to be honest! Just a bit worried!

sorry but i couldn’t relate to any of your symptoms.

however, you are obviously very worried.

see your GP and describe how you are feeling.

it sounds to me that whoever gave you your results weren’t very clear.

hope the gp can reassure you.

If you’ve had a brain MRI that’s been described as ‘essentially normal’, then I don’t suppose there’s anything like MS to worry about. But Carole is right, see your GP, explain what symptoms you’ve had, s/he may refer you to a neurologist for ch3cking over.


Thanks Sue - trouble is, why am I so dizzy? Added to the other issues I do worry. The Dr listened but thinks its down to the migraine.

Dizzy could be vertigo? Often caused by a vestibular problem (and that’s to do with ears, not entrance halls, I was surprised too).


It could be - trying the exercises I was given a while ago, but the tingling lips is fairly new, along with the pins and needles I have had for ages, worries me. I have a patch on my leg which seems like its on fire when I get into bed. Never felt this bad before. Had tinnitus and ear popping too.

I also had an mri after doing the exercises for vertigo that didn’t go away. I still have lightheaded ness and headaches. They found two lesions on my brain also but can’t get an answer to what they are. It is so hard not to worry, but I would feel relief if they say your lesions are normal. Hope you feel better

Thanks, appreciate you taking the time to reply. Had to get up in the night as I felt dizzy in bed and pins and needles and muscle pain. Im on one of the migraine forums and they say its common to have a couple of lesions with migraine - do you have migraines? Have they said anything about your lesions ? I went to a balance clinic a few years ago after an ear infection and they gave me the same exercises which im using. I can cope with the most of it, just the dizziness is getting to me. I dont seem to get tired much all, even without coffee which I really miss!

Just a possibility; look at this

It mimics MS symptoms but also can cause bad headaches; lesions are also present.


Thanks George. Appreciate the link.

Been less dizzy today but awful tightness and pain in my calves and around my knees. Had this sort of pain for ages but thought it was spondoloarthropathy or gout - pins and needles not been fun!